How Can I Get My Personal Customized Program ?


To get a personal custom diet and training program, you must follow the steps bellow :

1. Go to the page of the program you want to take

2. Choose your goal and add the program to the basket

3. After the payment is processed, you will get a confirmation mail infoming you that we receive your order.

4. Once your order is validated, we will send you back an email with a secured link, to access your personal questionnaire.

5. Fill all the required informations in the questionnaire and submit it. Your anwsers must be sincere and as accurate as possible.

6. Your custom plan will be tailored according to all the informations you send us.

7. You will receive an email with the plan files, you only need to open them and get starded  !

8. Every week, we will back to you to ensure you are still on track and to make further adjustments on the program if needed. My personnal email adress, Facebook and Instagram Dms are also available, if you have any question about the program.

Which payments method can I use ?


You can pay your orders in 2 ways :

  • Paypal Account
  • Credit Card by Stripe, which is a well known and secured payment platform, used all over the world. We accept Visa, Master Card and America Express Credit Cards

Can I get a refund after purchasing a product ?


For all digital products (including Customized Training and Nutrition program), No refund is possible after receiving the product.

Who should I contact, If I have a question about a purchased program ?


For any question about your customized program, you can send me an email. I’ll be glad to answer you as soon as possible.

I followed a custom plan and I’m satisfied with the results. Can I go for an another program ?


Of course, you can get as many as programs for the duration you want. In some special occasions, it is possible that you also get some discounts for every new program you purchase.